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April 20
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[Omadobu] App :: Abel by Jequu [Omadobu] App :: Abel by Jequu
APP FOR THIS LOVELY GROUP OKAY~ :iconomadobu::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz:Fool Emoji-47 (Star) [V5]

asdfgh i hope my butt gets accepted - I really worked too hard on this ;o; <33

"Stop talking to me with that god damn mouth of yours - I wanna hear it with your fists! "

Name: Abel
Age: 21
Gender: Male
 ➥Human: 5"4 (he's short but has long legs compared to his body size) -
 ➥Animal: 43 cm

Faction: Zoo

Animal: Black Backed Jackal ( Canis mesomelas )

[♕ Technique ♕]

[ Endurence ] Abel Has quite a lot of stamina. He's good at holding out in a fight, and can't be taken down with only a few punches. He can be stubborn. He can walk/run for VERY long distances and for long periods of time without enervating himself, as well as carry large heavy objects for long periods of time. Despite his size, he is quite strong.

[☺ Personality ☹]

Loyal | Violent | Laid Back | Immature | Loser //SLAPPED | Self-centered | Playful | Stubborn | Protective |
 He's actually pretty lady back, and doesn't hold grudges easily against people. He likes fighting, but its purely for his enjoyment and not technically to get the other person pissed off. Though it ends up that way most of the time. He enjoys a good fight, whether it be verbal or physical. Though he will often try to turn fights physical - he's quite violent. He also tends to speak with slang or swear words. Though he says absolutely ridiculous things half the time - he will think they are the coolest things ever. He isn't mean though, he just likes fighting maybe a bit too much because of the thrill it gives him. If he respects you he will honestly jump off a cliff for you. You don't have to beat him in a fight to gain his respect though - but if you do win, he'll treat you pretty much like a god.
He also thinks quite highly of himself, mostly because of his strength. He'll take on anyone, and say things he thinks are the most clever thing since sliced bread. Which aren't.. Thats why he will tend to say absolutely absurd ridiculous things that come out of nowhere. He's also extremely protective - If he likes you he will protect you till the day he dies, and also won't let anyone get near you…

[♥ Likes + Dislikes ✗]

✗ Losing
✗ Getting injured
✗ people who boss him around/tell him what to do
✗ anything that requires patience
✗ thinking too hard
✗ when people talk too loudly (has sensitive ears)
✗ When people touch his things (very territorial)
✗ people telling him he's short
✗ people touching his ears

♥ Fighting
♥ Dissing people / pissing people off ( his dissing is terrible - its more funny than offensive)
♥ meats
♥ pop cans (he likes the sound they make when he crushes them)
♥ reliable people
♥ playing games (simple games like tag )
♥making big messes - he's not the most elegant creature out there and will make messes when eating, cleaning, walking, helping... don't ask him to help you carry something with small pieces...

[⚔ History ⚔]

Abel grew up as pup with his family in the African continent. His family had a small piece of territory that he helped them defend. He grew up with two brothers and his mother and father. His family were pretty strong and he often fought other Jackals. He learned to enjoy a good brawl, his father often praising him for his violent nature. He gained sort of warped morals because of it.

His brothers were much meeker than he, and his family never liked the younger ones. They got in the way when hunting and were often excluded. Though Abel always protected and loved them. He felt like it was his responsibly to take care of them and teach them to be ferocious. It was in the Jackal blood to be violent, and he took it upon himself to show them the way.

One day, when his family was out hunting and came back to there territory, they found another family had taken it. His family fought them, but the other party was too strong. His brother's lost there lives and his family was left battered and bruised. His mother and father cowered away and Left Abel alone to fend for himself against the party of six. He thought he was still protecting his family and wanted to win - so he continued. He defeated them, but he was bleeding almost to death. He tried to look for his parents but they were long gone, finding the limp bodies of his brothers. He limped away and quickly collapsing out of exhaustion.

When he woke up, he was in a sort of animal hospital, in a sanctuary. He was scared, not knowing where he was. He tried to get out but he was too injured. All he could do was lie in the white, clear bed, his muscles not moving like he wanted them to. His injuries though, were too severe and he had to get transferred somewhere else for better treatment.

He soon found himself in Omagodoki Zoo, fully healed and recuperating. He didn't mind being in captivity, since he had lost everything anyways. He has all he wants and all the meals he needs. Though does miss the hunting and the fighting in the wild.

[✜ Extra Info ✜]

☐born on the 1st of January (new year's day )
☐he's known to steal other people's beds/homes if left unguarded. For example, if you set up a nice chair in the sun to read, if you run away he will often be lying in it
☐he likes to diss people to try and get them to fight him - but for the life of him he cannot pull it off. His diss's are often way too cheesy or just plain stupid. Though he thinks of himself as quite clever.
☐Don't ask him to tell you a joke… it won't end well :iconpapmingplz:
☐it isn't like Abel dislikes company - he likes socializing, but when he has work or a job to do he prefers to do it alone
☐he has a habbit of peeing in public //SORRY NOT SORRY
☐he's scared of heights
☐his ears are his weakness
☐he's actually a really big crybaby - and if he gets injured he will most likely cry about it


feel free to bump me up on skype for an rp~ I prefer skype the best, just end me note and I'll give it to you~~ ^^
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